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And again: Let's put our dentures in the same glass.

Earnestness and sincerity have infected bookworms on the prowl for passion. Have they become as bland as the typical American personal ad? As always, we've removed contact info to protect privacy.

One might find a wealthy bachelor looking for a well-born lady, or a recent widow in search of a new gentleman for the household.

In 1722, one Bostonian took out space in the to parody the frequently naked, transactional concerns of the personal ad.

The use of diverse media and interaction forms as well as extended space has resulted in a diversification of possibilities in online partner search in which advertisers use fragmented stories, past and anticipated narratives in order to construct a basic personal narrative.

Perhaps she did and was charmed; perhaps a heady romance ensued.The message caught the attention of one man, the city mayor, who committed the lady to an asylum for a month.Forgotten as she may be, Morrison remains a trailblazer, and small martyr, for the countless people to have turned to media to boost their chances at finding romance. There has always been the suspicion that a proper, well-adjusted member of society should be able to find a mate in the real world, just like anyone else.The earliest ads were announcements of an intention to marry, and could be seen as an aid to the necessary pursuit of a socially and economically appropriate partner.But by their very nature, and in spite of their often lofty tone, ads hovered on the edge of respectability because they were public, and could be seen by all and sundry.“Any young Gentlewoman,” it read, “that is minded to dispose of herself in Marriage to a well-accomplished young Widower, and has five or six hundred pounds to secure to him by Deed of Gift, she may repair to the Sign of the Glass-Lanthorn in Steeple-Square, to find all the encouragement she can reasonably desire.” It was written by a 16-year-old Benjamin Franklin, who helped usher in a long line of people who turned to the classified section to inspire art and entertainment, from Heinrich von Kleist to Nathanael West.