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So it's a shame that the flimsiness of the original premise starts hobbling Dean Parisot's film at the halfway point.Dick and Jane are part of the system and then get to beat the system, which is a bit rich, and it's a cop-out that Carrey's character is completely blameless in all the corporate fraud.But Dick and Jane's fairy-tale life crashes head-on into reality when the firm Dick works for turns out to have been using unscrupulous accounting methods to disguise the fact they've been losing money hand over fist, and Dick has been made the fall guy for some of their dirty dealings. Jim Carey delivers some hilarity in this remake of the 1977 comedy show. A bit of a shame that it didn't come a little later, when there was so much more to say about the consequences of greed and America's continuing economic meltdown. Altough it amused me enough to say it was worth my while, there was something really off about its endeavours to evoke laughter.Suddenly flat broke, Dick and Jane must find a new way to support their lavish lifestyle, and in time they discover just the thing -- crime. The downward mobility of the middle class straight to the poverty level, or crime often not as evil, but rather economic desperation, are plot points hardly likely to sit well with those who control this economy and profit from it. Compared to most of Carrey's comedies, at least this one tries to do something different and include a certain amount of thoughtfulness, but it is very strangely paced and the laughs simply aren't frequent enough. The film that became so popular because of Carrey's physical comedy performances? It's not as funny neither does it have any character development but trust me. Seems to be fashionable to make remakes these days, with Herbie, Bewitched, Dukes of Hazard and now this. That out of the way, Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni are a believable, cursed pair that made me laugh (Carrey especially). As I may or may not have been when I caught this on TV. Carrey does the best he can, so he can't be blamed for it.Early on in the movie they show George Bush giving a speech on television discussing the economy.When the couple rob a restaurant they wear masks of Bill and Hilary Clinton.In fact, the film itself is surprisingly restrained in content.While tame at times (even adopting a few substitutions of "gosh" and "heck"), the language remains probably the film's greatest content flaw.

Consider it a signed confession of remake rape when a "produced by Jim Carrey" credit appears atop his noodle-limbed exaggeration of "I Believe I Can Fly." his corporate-greed satire doesn't just lack bite. There are a few scenes where I came close to a genuine chuckle, but on the whole it's so flat that I felt indifferent to watching it.A not-so-ordinary family finds a new way of paying the bills in this comedy.Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) and his wife, Jane (Ta Leoni), would seem to have it made -- Dick has a high-paying job, they live in an expensive house in the suburbs,…Fun with Dick and Jane wants desperately to point the finger at someone but ends up avoiding blaming a President.At the end of the movie the film sarcastically thanks Enron and many other huge corporations as well as their CEO's by name. Carrey and Leoni work well together but the writing is so bad that they often get lost in the nonsense.Set in 2000, before corporate scandals like Enron took place, the remake puts Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni in the titular roles.