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This progress bar allows you to display progress bar with custom number of images and adding effect in it by animation.

In this example, I have displayed progress bar with TAG logo image. CGRect Get Width(Circle Parent.frame)) let x Offset = (CGRect Get Width(Circle Parent.frame) - circle Width) / 2 let y Pos = (CGRect Get Height(Circle Parent.frame) - 2 * circle Radius) / 2 for i in 0..

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To create new project in i OS open Xcode from /Applications folder directory.

I pick out the bits I want to keep and then format and print that data to a text file.

When the app starts up, it checks to see whether or not the text file is empty. I now want to show the user the progress of the data being retrieved via a progress bar. I cannot seem to get the progress bar to display before and during the data retrieval.

I've waited for 6 hours and still no update on the progress bar.

Your device might have a frozen Apple logo screen typically when something goes wrongs during the i OS 10/9.3.2/9/8 update process.