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- corrected Smart APN: missing space before "type" … - added Axis, AWCC, MTN, Etisalat, Hutch, MPT APNs. - added Public Mobile APN, corrected Rogers WAP APN … - added Claro Argentina APN ♦ PURITY ROM ♦ 19/09 Contacts Provider: - Revert "Contacts provider: add fb sync" Dalvik: - dalvik: Rename perf flag … - Add reverse lookup provider "Das Telefonbuch" (DE). - Chinese Location Lookup [1/2] Dialer: Chinese Reverse Lookup External_sqlite: - sqlite: Rename perf flag … - Revert "Content Provider: Avoid duplicate initialization of Async Task" … - hwui: Always enable the scissor while composing layer … - System UI: improve one finger notification expansion … - Fix for broken volume music controls - hwui: Fix a sporadic crash seen during CTS runs … - Turn off some debug Incall UI: - [3/3] In Call UI: Flip to Mute/Reject Call - In Call UI: non intrusive incall ui rework - In Call UI: add Incoming Call Background - non intrusive incallui Settings: - Hide "Volume adjustment sound" option on non-voice capable devices … - Settings: Fix AOSP Wi Fi AP translations Telephony: - Translations: Update ita … Vendor_purity: - added Lycamobile, Aero2, and T-Mobile Poland APNs … - Recents: add missing Typed Array.recycle() call …At the last check on 2014-07-19, website load time was 3.32.

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- Settings: Improve AOSP JA translations - Opti PNG Vendor_purity: - fixed Lycamobile APNs … - added Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Kuwait apns … - libcore: fix error in javdoc todo file generation … - Finish fixing Zygote descriptor leakage problem … - filesystem_config: Allow executables in /system/libexec … - libc stdlib: implement C99 _Exit and C11 quick_exit API … - Quick Settings: Use a Bug Report tile icon of proper size … - Optimize draw Bitmap Mesh using TRIANGLE_STRIP - Mms: Fix FC issue that when tapping contact icon many times … - When m Input Text isn't on focus, hide the soft keyboard … - Fixed a possible infinite loop in Json Reader#skip Value() … Objective of the Report: The study has been undertaken with the following objectives: To analysis the pros and cons of the conventional ideas about a Sarbanes Oxley Act .To compare the existing policy with that of best practices guidelines. To get an overall idea about the performance of Grameen Phone Ltd. - SQLite: Enable fdatasync for SQLite Frameworks_base: - hwui: Apply hwui qcom fixes to all adreno-bearing hardware … - Add reverse lookup provider "Pagine Bianche" (IT). - Add reverse lookup provider "Das Telefonbuch" (DE). - Chinese Location Lookup [2/2] Telephony: Detect external plugin. - System UI: prevent NPE on clear recents double press … - Add hooks for database open and pragma handling … - Prevent killing of process during service bringup … - System UI: Rework Search Panel View calculations …Grameen Phone’s total capitalization was US0,000,000, including around US million from IFC/CDC, and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).